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Travel Safely and Smartly

With millions of Americans preparing to travel this Memorial Day weekend, we want to remind you to let us know if you’re leaving town! Bank fraud detection systems look for abnormal debit card activity. If your transaction history shows that... Read More

Fraud Prevention: Online Classifieds Buying and Selling Tips

Are you selling something on Craigslist or through another online classified advertisement website? If so, stay frosty. Craigslist offers a variety of excellent tips about how to avoid fraud when buying or selling through the site. Here’s a growing trend:... Read More

Banker Jargon Explained

Sometimes we mistakenly assume everyone talks like bankers talk. Like any industry, banking falls prey to the technical gobbledygook of jargon. We don’t realize we’re doing it until we answer a customer’s question by saying, “Your ACH item is showing... Read More

What Do We Mean By Community Bank?

To a read a newspaper or watch broadcast news lately, you’d think banks are the great enemies of the republic. Assuredly the 2008 financial crisis demonstrated what happens when large, transnational banks make risky bets. But Andover State Bank is... Read More

Popcorn Loans

Today we continue the tradition of Andover State Bank Popcorn Loans, which began 32 years ago. Three different Andover Elementary Second Grade Classes will visit the bank, where our loan officers will first give them a tour of the building... Read More

Andover State Bank’s Fifth Annual Pumpkin Decorating Contest

If you’ve banked with us for a while (and most of you have), you know how we feel about Halloween. The interior of our main bank has been decorated all month long. We love to get a little spooky and... Read More
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