Debit Card Security


Andover State Bank automatically offers security protection that provides you with defense against theft, loss and fraudulent use. Our protection includes:

Zero Liability Protection

If your card is lost or stolen, Andover State Bank credits you back for any fraudulent card transactions up to the period of loss.

Prompt Account Credit

Your account will be credited promptly for fraudulent transactions.

Fraud Monitoring

We review how and where your card is being used and will block potential fraud if abnormal patterns are detected.

Fraud Analysis

Our card fraud analysis performs a complete review of unusual authorizations, address changes and payments to secure your accounts against fraudulent activity.

MasterCard Secure Code® Transactions

We are participants in MasterCard SecureCode®. As a result, we may request that you authenticate yourself when you use your Andover State Bank debit card online. You can shop with confidence knowing that when you make a purchase with your ASB debit card at a MasterCard SecureCode® merchant you will have enhanced security protection.


Sign Your Cards Immediately

Sign the signature panel on your credit and debit cards as soon as you receive them.

Check Your Statements

Check your statements to verify that they reflect the amounts you have authorized. Report any unauthorized transactions immediately.

Go Paperless With Online Banking

Access your ASB accounts online and check your balances, view transactions and monitor your statements online. It is more timely and safer than having your information sent through the mail.

Always Be Cautious

Never provide account information to anyone who calls you. Andover State Bank will never reach out to you in this way to request sensitive account information.

Mobile and Online Security


Secure Technology

Our fraud prevention and security systems protect you with the latest encryption technology and secure email communications. Computer anti-virus protection detects and prevents computer viruses from entering our computer network systems while firewalls block unauthorized access by individuals or networks.

Andover State Bank uses encryption technology and network monitoring. For online banking, we require unique usernames and passwords for accessing your account information.

Browser Encryption

Browser encryption scrambles messages exchanged between your computer and the Andover State Bank online banking server, making it impossible for someone to “intercept” and steal your information. When you login, your browser establishes a secure session with our server. This secure session is established using a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption.

Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol

Look for https:// immediately preceding the webpage address in the address bar of your browser. Or look for the padlock symbol, which can usually be found in the lower left or right hand corner of the screen, or in the address bar. We require the use of secure, 128-bit browser to encrypt information for account access to perform transactions.

Multi-Layered Security Identification

We have implemented login security measures to improve your Online Banking security. In addition to username and password, the login security uses a verification code to authenticate yourself via text message and/or voice call to ensure that it’s you trying to access your Online Banking accounts.

Network Security & Monitoring

We monitor the security of our systems and network on an ongoing basis. We conduct regular third-party reviews of our security, and use firewalls to shield the bank’s systems and network from any unauthorized Internet traffic.


Secure Your Computer

When establishing your Username and Password(s), we require that you use “strong” combinations that are not easily guessed by others. Strong passwords consist of a variety of uppercase and lower case letters, numbers and symbols.

For the best security, never share your password with anyone. Never write it down where anyone can find it or figure out what it is for. Do not use common words that can be found in a dictionary or numbers in a series.

Don’t ever give out your username or password to someone who calls you on the phone or sends you an email. Only give information if you have initiated a phone call and you are sure you are talking to the company you intended to call.

Virus Protection

Regularly updating your virus protection software can keep your computer free of viruses, especially viruses that capture keystrokes or take information off of computers. We recommend that your perform virus updates weekly. Most virus programs can be set up to update automatically on a regular day of the week.


Be sure to download and install any operating system and software updates, sometimes called patches or services packs, in a timely manner. Make sure your browser software is up to date.

Monitor Your Account Activity

Check your account activity frequently to detect fraud earlier. You can receive information quickly about activity in your accounts when you set up alerts. In addition to alerts that are automatically already turned on for your protection, you can set up additional alerts to stay on top of your balances, payments and transactions. To set up alerts, sign in to Online Banking, go to the Additional Services tab and select Alerts & Notifications.

Identity Theft and Fraud

Think you may be the victim of fraud? Here are some common fraud schemes and next steps to consider.

  1. Notify the Credit Bureaus:
    1. Equifax
    2. Experian
    3. Transunion
  2. Notify others:
    1. Andover State Bank; 316.733.1375
    2. Contact the authorities; your local police, your local FBI office and
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