Travel Safely and Smartly

With millions of Americans preparing to travel this Memorial Day weekend, we want to remind you to let us know if you’re leaving town! Bank fraud detection systems look for abnormal debit card activity. If your transaction history shows that you spend most of your time in Kansas, and then a transaction from Georgia shows up, the card may freeze until you contact your bank.

Below we’ve listed a few suggestions and recommendations to add to your travel checklist:

(1) Tell your bank you’re leaving.

Let us know where you’re going, when you’re going, and when you plan to return. This is the absolute best way to protect against fraud.

(2) Choose debit instead of credit for point-of-sale transactions.

When you select debit, you add an extra layer of security. Debit transactions require a Personal Identification Number (PIN). Sometimes credit transactions are declined at high-risk     merchants. If your card is declined, ask the vendor to run it a second time, and make sure you choose debit and enter your PIN.

(3) Know your point-of-sale (POS) and cash withdrawal limits.

ASB has a POS limit of $1,000 per day and a cash withdrawal limit of $500 per day. If you plan to spend or withdraw more than these amounts per day, call us.

(4) Use ASB’s debit card “On/Off” feature on our smart phone application.

 Available for free through Apple or Android supported devices, our smart phone application allows you to instantly activate or deactivate your debit card. Leave your card “turned off” until you decide to buy; then, open the application, turn on your card, and complete the transaction. Afterward, return to your app and deactivate your card. (Search for “Go ASB” to find our app.)

Travel safely, enjoy the extra day off, and, if you’re heading out of town, let us know when you leave, where you’re going, and when you plan to return.

~ASB Digital

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