Promotions! Promotions! Promotions!

Happy 2016!

Every year, our Board of Directors approves and elects the officers of the bank. This year, we had two promotions!

If you’ve banked with us for a while, you probably know Steffany Schell–she’s the backbone behind our Bookkeeping operations. Not only has Steffany been promoted to Senior Vice President, but she will also celebrate her 10-year anniversary with us in March. Nobody knows bank operations like Steffany. She keeps our customer’s and the bank’s goals top-of-mind at all times. Congratulations, Steffany!

When you walk into our Andover location, you’ll see (and hear) Stephanie Skaggs–she’s our retail banking expert. Stephanie has been promoted to Vice President. With more than 20-years of banking experience, Stephanie will also celebrate her 5-year anniversary with us in March. Stephanie epitomizes what we mean when we talk about real and personal service: she leads by example and she’s active in the Andover community. Congratulations, Stephanie!

In case you were wondering, we also promote people without homophonic names. Again, congratulations to both. What an exciting way to start 2016!

-ASB Digital

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