Popcorn Loans

Today we continue the tradition of Andover State Bank Popcorn Loans, which began 32 years ago. Three different Andover Elementary Second Grade Classes will visit the bank, where our loan officers will first give them a tour of the building before they sit down to talk about lending.


In 1984, the Young Bank Officers of Kansas hosted a contest that asked teachers to design an educational program that teaches students about economics. Four teachers from Andover Elementary School created a curriculum for their second graders to join together, form a company, elect officers, develop a marketing plan, and sell their product for a profit.


Over the years, this contest evolved into the Andover State Bank Popcorn Loan Program. The second graders learn from the our bank officers how to borrow money to start a new popcorn business. They work with Andover’s effable The PopCorner to create a company and design a product. From there, they develop marketable products, advertise, and sell for profit. As part of the program, the students find out how to borrow money and manage their finances.


We welcome today’s young entrepreneurs, and we wish them luck on their new endeavor!

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