How do I order checks?

Do you need to order checks? It’s easy!

This post has two purposes. (1) If you’re in a hurry, and you don’t need details, skip now to the next paragraph. (2) If you want more information about our check ordering process, the rest of this blog post walks you through step by step.

If you’re in a rush, go to and follow directions. You will need your account number and the bank’s routing number. Andover State Bank’s routing number is 101112046. Hopefully you know your account number. It is on the bottom of each check in your checkbook. “Wait!” you say. “I’m already out of checks.” Good news: Your account number is also on your deposit and withdrawal tickets in your checkbook.

If you’re still reading, we assume you want more information about check ordering. Let’s walk through it together. Andover State Bank uses Harland Clarke, a payment solutions firm that works with some of the nation’s largest financial institutions. You can always drop by with a check or a check order form and we’ll set to work ordering checks for you. But you can also do it online through what we call Harland Clarke’s consumer portal.

Their website,, sounds almost too good to be true! Or it is so simple it disconcerts. Well, we tested the site as a consumer portal (the link in the previous sentence), and we are happy to report it works. Swimmingly. If you have a previous check order on file with us, then you’re in luck; ordering new checks took us less than 1 minute. We timed it.

It took 43 seconds.

Once you’re in Harland Clarke’s portal, they will ask if you want a “Quick Order” or if you want to “Shop Full Catalog.” If you’re in a rush, select “Quick Order.” They will show a picture of your next sequence of checks as representative of your next order. Then they will ask you to verify the personal information. Select your quantity and check out.

Be careful when you check out. Their system automatically selects a more expensive shipping option.

If you’re not in a hurry, select the 7-10 day option. For a standard style, no-frills box of 100 checks shipped at the 7-10 day rate, you pay exactly $15.00. You pay the same if you ask one of our tellers or customer service representatives to order for you.

Bonus: When you order online, Harland Clarke insists you give them your email address. They will send you updates that confirm when your checks were printed and shipped. Many might find regular updates as relief.

If you have more time on your hands, choose “Shop Full Catalogue.” The portal will take you to a new page with a host of options. Maybe you want horses or Mickey Mouse or sunflowers on your checks! Maybe you’re in search of duplicate checks or stamps. Maybe you want desk checks or long checks or football checks or long western vista checks! American flag checks? Check. (Pun!) Paul Revere checks? Maybe not.

Check orders is one of the most visited pages on our website, so we thought we’d just write a quick note that might help you if you’ve never order checks through the online portal before.

Good luck! If you have trouble, call us.

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