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Small Business CheckingCommercial CheckingBusiness Money Market
Business typeBusinesses that maintain a low average balance and have limited or minimal transactions.Businesses that maintain a substantial balance, have many transactions and want unlimited account access.Businesses that want to save their excess funds in a High Yield Money Market account.
Monthly maintenance fees Transaction fees etc.$2,000 monthly average balance required to avoid monthly service charges: $6 for $1,000–$1,999; $8 for $500–$999; $10 for $1–$499$10$2,500 minimum balance (or $10,000 average balance to avoid a $10 monthly service charge)
Transaction FeesFirst 100 checks and debits are free. All deposited foreign items are $0.06 each.Checks are $0.16 each, Deposits are $0.20 each, and all Deposited foreign items are $0.06 each.No charge for the first six withdrawals per month. $5 charge for each additional check or withdrawal.3
Interest EarnedNot available on this accountNot available on this accountInterest1 calculated, compounded and credited monthly based on tiered balances: $2,500–$9,999; $10,000–$49,999; $50,000–$99,999; $100,000 and over
Earnings CreditNoneThe earnings credit rate1 is based on market rates and applied to the average balance.None
Business Online BankingAvailable2Available2Available2
Cash Management ServicesNot available on this accountAvailable2Available2
  • 1 Earnings credit and Interest Rates are subject to change after the account is opened.
  • 2 See Fee Schedule for pricing.
  • 3 Up to six withdrawals or transfers, including preauthorized, automatic or telephone transfers, are allowed per monthly statement cycle.
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