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Free Business CheckingBusiness Interest CheckingNonprofit CheckingTreasury Management CheckingBusiness Sweep AccountBusiness Money Market
Business TypeSmall to medium-sized businesses with low-to-moderate account activitySmall to medium-size businesses that would like to earn interest on balancesNonprofit businesses as defined by the IRSBusinesses that have a large volume of transactionsBusinesses interested in maximizing account earnings by sweeping excess balancesBusinesses interested in saving and earning interest on excess funds
Minimum to Open$100$100$100$100Minimum target balance of $50,000 in linked operating account$100
Maintenance and Service FeesNone$5 per month ($0 with $5,000 monthly average balance)None$10 per monthNone$10 per month ($0 with $2,500 minimum balance or $10,000 average balance)
Transaction Fees100 free items per month and $0.15 per item1 thereafter; 3 free ATM withdrawals per month50 free items per month and $0.20 per item1 thereafterNone; unlimited ATM withdrawals$0.15 per each debit item; $0.10 per each credit item; $0.05 per each foreign deposited itemNoneNone for first six (6) withdrawals per month; $5 per withdrawal thereafter
Paper Statements$5 per month$5 per month$5 per monthFree upon requestFree upon requestFree upon request
Electronic Services2FreeFreeFreeFreeFreeFree
Interest Earned3NoneYesNoneNoneYesYes on balances over $2,500
Earnings Credit3NoneNoneNoneYesNoneNone
Treasury Management ServicesAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailable
  • 1 Per item charges apply to debits, credits, and deposits, including checks, electronic debits, and electronic credits.
  • 2 Electronic services include online banking, online bill pay, electronic statements, mobile deposits, and debit/credit cards (must qualify).
  • 3 Earnings credit and interest rates are subject to change after the account is opened.

Treasury Management

Add the services you need. Or save with a bundle.

Our treasury services help you monitor and manage your company’s cash flow. Just call for pricing. If you use Free Business Checking or Business Interest Checking, we’ll bundle our services for $50 a month so you can have it all while saving, too.


  • Account Analysis*
  • ACH Payments/Payroll
  • Basic Reporting
  • Corporate Credit Cards*
  • Digital Tokenization
  • Merchant Services
  • Mobile Deposit
  • Online Banking
  • Online Bill Pay
  • Positive Pay (ACH and Check)
  • Remote Deposit Capture
  • Sweeps
  • Wire Transfers


*Excluded from the Small Business Banking Bundle.

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