Beware Ransomware!

Recent news agencies report that a new computer virus, Ransomware, is spreading across the United States. Ransomware is exactly what it sounds like: a virus that holds your computer for ransom. Because the malware asks you for money to re-enable access to your computer, we thought we’d provide a little background context for our customers.

Ransomware, like its namesake, takes hold of your computer and demands some kind of action to re-enable access. What makes this malware particularly scary is that, when the virus activates, it flashes an FBI logo across your computer screen.


(Click on the above image for a clear picture.)

Pretending to be the FBI, Ransomware then accuses you of breaking a federal law that requires you to pay a fine. Unsuspecting victims pay; and, in the process, they grant the virus access to their debit card, credit card, or checking account.

There are a few different “strands” of the Ransomware virus, but all of them release malware that holds your computer hostage. You may see it referred to in the media as “FBI Moneypack” or “FBI Virus” because it uses the federal agency’s logo to scare its would-be victims.

Be careful out there! If an ominous and scary FBI logo takes over your computer screen, do not pay. Contact a computer support technician.

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