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Join Us For 50 Years of Greater Andover Days with Fireworks in Andover Central Park!

We’re so excited! Are you excited? We’re excited! When we look out our windows today we see gray skies. When we left home this morning we felt a chill in the air. This means Greater Andover Days are upon us.... Read More

About the Equifax Data Breach and Ways to Protect Your Credit

Today we want to talk about ways to protect yourself when companies announce their security systems have been compromised. As we’re sure you’re aware, Equifax, one of three consumer credit reporting agencies, recently announced that cybercriminals breached their security systems... Read More

President Brian Chamberlin Named CEO of Andover State Bank

Andover State Bank announced a series of leadership changes related to the bank’s succession plan designed to position the bank for continued growth and focus on customer service. President Brian Chamberlin was named CEO. He has served as President since... Read More

What you need to open a new checking account

ATTENTION, NEW CUSTOMERS! Hello! Hopefully you found us by researching new checking accounts in the area. If you did, we’ve done the first part of our job well. But we need to keep the momentum going! We’d like to introduce... Read More

How to Build Credit

We get asked quite often about how to build or improve your credit. Credit is, after all, a tricky thing, especially if you’ve never had credit before. The word itself originates in the Latin creditum, which translates as “loan.”  Credit... Read More

What’s the story with interest rates?

There’s always talk about if and when the Federal Reserve plans to raise interest rates. They increased rates for the first time in a decade in December 2015. This past June, the central bank again raised the benchmark rate for... Read More
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