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The Story of ASB

For 100 years, Andover State Bank has served our community as a neighbor and friend. We've grown alongside the city we're proud to call home. When we started, we were just a small farm bank; now we're a full-service commercial bank.

Join us as we step into our past to uncover where our philosophy of Real. Personal. Service. started.

Chapter 1
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Humble Beginnings

Our history began long ago on a cold January day in 1916. Local businessman J. Earl Tanner and other members of the community gathered to form a bank. Andover was no more than a grocery store and field when we opened our doors on Main Street. In 1924, Tanner sold the bank to local farmer and rancher Fred D. Wilson.

The bank's beginnings were modest. Its board members weren't bankers; they were farmers. Meetings were held at 9 p.m. after the sun had set and the day's work on the farm was finished. They sealed their loans with a handshake, and they treated their customers like family.

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A Surprise Transaction

During the fall of 1928, a robber stormed into the bank and held cashier Charles Bryant at gunpoint. But we look after each other in Andover, so the grocer next door came to the cashier's aid, and a Wild West shootout began.

The shootout spilled onto the streets of Andover. A lucky shot from the grocer struck the getaway car, shattered the windshield, and wounded the thief. While shootouts between bankers and outlaws are a thing of the past, Andover's community spirit is stronger than ever.

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Part Five
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Defying the Depression

The Great Depression brought the economy to a standstill. In 1933, more than 300 Kansas banks went out of business. Panic led President Roosevelt to order all banks closed as a national banking “holiday.” He had been sworn in as president only 36 hours earlier.

Mr. Wilson locked Andover State Bank's front door, but he defied the president's order by opening its back door. Wilson made sure his customers could access their money when they needed it. As an added bonus, he handed out fresh apples to customers and passersby alike.

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Part Eight

What's Past is Prologue

These stories form an early history of Andover State Bank, and they embody a philosophy that governs how we bank today. In the era of J. Earl Tanner and Fred D. Wilson, your banker was your neighbor.

Today, we're your neighborhood bank. Every day we find ways to show our customers real and personal service. When you grow, we grow.

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